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Black Mountain Weasels

The Worlds Worst Social Organization

This is what The Thunder Riders Press wrote about us.

The Weasels are a Brotherhood/Sisterhood dedicated to the partying lifestyle. We meet, ride to bars, and do day/weekend trips to various places. There are Weasel Chapters all over the United States(soon we will be closing bars Worldwide). We are Truly a Drinking Club with a Motorcycle Problem.

The Weasels believe in total freedom, no dues, no initiation fees, no mandatory meetings, and no major commitments. Were a Brotherhood/Sisterhood built on having fun and riding our bikes. The Weasels do not get envolved in politics of any kind. We are not a club, we are a Social Organization. The Weasels are Neutral and get along with everybody!!

Here is some Basic info about us...

* First off, were NOT a Club/MC. Were a S.O.(Social Organizaion).
* We ride NON Jap bikes.
* We accept both Men & Women as Members.
* There is NO prospecting, like we said, were NOT A CLUB.
* To avoid drama - No Church Heads, Goody-Goodies, Fags, Road Captins, know-it-all's or Drama Queens.
*We don't care what you do for a living, and are not impressed by your old war stories.
* We are Bikers with Jobs & families, who love to party/ride and share our own vision of Brotherhood.

Our Brotherhood/Sisterhood is strong and and will CONTINUE to thrive. We are always looking for the best of the worst! If your interested in meeting us, send us an e-mail by clicking on "Contact Us" via the main page.

What is a Motorcycle Social Organization?

A Motorcycle Social Organization's purpose is to ride, and have fun. They don't claim territory(othere than our own homes). They allow both men and women to join and are family friendly. To support our local MRO, Most of us are member's of MMA - Phoenix chapter